Activist Files Million Dollar Lawsuit Against County Commissioner Roland

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local activist is seeking $1 million over comments reportedly made by Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland. The lawsuit, which names both Roland and the Shelby County government, was filed on behalf of Black Lives Matter activist Pamela Moses just last week over comments reportedly made during a June 2017 commission meeting.…

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Commissioner Terry Roland is a devout Trump supporter and running for Shelby County Mayor, we are asking all viewers to share the links and video below to inform the public of what candidates are seeking public office.


P. Moses and Civil Rights Legend Angela Davis



Gone Too Soon..Who Will Carry the Torch?

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On October 27, 2017, Memphis said its final goodbyes to Bernal Smith the president and publisher of the New Tri-State Defender.  Smith was a rare jewel to Memphis who brought black elegance and poise to media.  Gone too soon, he will be missed dearly.  It is crucial that our city understand the importance of Black Media outlets and strive to support them at all costs, including not supporting traditional media.  Controlling the narrative allows us to control how we are depicted, as well as our overall culture and humanity.  We must stay informed with the issues, stay continuously aware of what steps are needed to solve problems, as well as protect ourselves and our community.

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It is our hope that his successor will have no less enthusiasm, will continue to take risks by telling our stories honestly, and possess a desire to preserve and maintain the black culture in the manner that Smith did.

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Our strength in our cultural revolution and our vision lies in our stories. It is essential that we maintain the proper platform to transform the way our stories are told.  In order to ensure the evolution, we must look at our progress.  It can be measured by the print in old newspapers prior to the internet.  We all will be remembered by the legacies we leave and our messages must be delivered.  Who better to tell our stories than us.  Bernal Smith will be missed, but the body of work he gave the Tri-State audiences will always be with us.  He is a shining example of how we can use our voices to be heard and to disturb the consciences of those who do not tell our stories correctly or at all.

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The torch is lit and we can not afford to let the flame die out.  We are at a pivotal point in our country.  Our social justice movement must move beyond the Memphis and the Tri-State area.  We must carry the torch proudly and unapologetically. So, who will carry the torch?  The New South will!  BLM Memphis challenges all persons of color who are in any media outlets to carry the torch.  Tell your stories, Tell our stories, not only to remember our history but to continue to break-down-barriers as journalists who accurately define the narrative, push envelopes, dismantle white supremacy and create our own media platforms.  In this way, our stories will not be manipulated or ignored but magnified and heard by the world.  Let us all carry the torch, and keep the Smith family in our hearts and prayers. We are Black Lives Matter Memphis.

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Been Woke Stay Woke #charoltesville

Originally posted on The Secular Jurist: CHARLOTTESVILLE – Hours before a noon rally was set to begin Saturday, violent skirmishes broke out between bands of white supremacists and counterprotesters who have converged on this college town around the issue of a Confederate statue. Men in combat gear, some wearing bicycle and motorcycle helmets and carrying…

via Violent clashes between white nationalists and counterprotesters in Charlottesville — We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

What Happened to the Baby Bird? Bryd’s Baby


On July 25, 2017, Aries Kortez Clark was shot and killed by someone employed by the Marion police department.  Clark’s family originally from Phoenix, Arizona reside in West Memphis Arkansas. West Memphis is where “Tae Tae,” DeAunta Terrell Farrow was murdered over a decade ago by  Police Officer Erik Sammis he was 12.  Two officers have been relieved of duty but no one has been identified as the shooter. No information is being given.




What we do know is that Aries Clark was born March 23, 2001.  Vickie “Bryd” Clark, mother and stepfather saw him on Thursday when a judge said they were “going to place him in a secure facility.”  This action was initiated by his parents.  He was not in trouble. He was a young boy whose family was trying to get him help.  Aries ran away from the facility and then came back like most scared children who had done something they were not supposed to. The police were called to the East Arkansas Youth Services {EAYS} for an unknown emergency. No one has yet to state what the emergency was but Aries ran away 2 days prior to the emergency call.  EAYS is a community based, private, the non-profit organization that provides positive alternatives to institutionalization for children who are or at risk of becoming with the juvenile justice system. EAYS is a member and receives funding from United Way.




This facility had a duty to maintain a safe environment for Clark, and it is clear that something happened that allowed him to run away.  When he returned the police killed him.   After Speaking to Madelyn Keith, the spoke person for EAYS said she could not give much information due to HIPPA and other privacy laws but Aries Clark was not a resident at the time when he was killed.  She confirmed over the past 20 years the police had been called there before but nothing like this had occurred.  Byrd, Aries mother, confirmed she received a phone call that he had run away from the facility, but he went back because he knew the police were looking for him.  What happened to the baby bird?  His mother received another phone call from someone stating that she needed to come to the hospital because he had been shot.   His stepfather who raised him since he was 4 years old, said when he arrived at the hospital, Aries had been shot multiple times in the head, back, and abdomen.  “He was already dead.”  What happened to Byrd’s baby?  The funeral home and other people with DCS have refused to answer any questions. Byrd’s family has hired Attorney Kim Cole of Dallas, TX.  She intends to not only get answers but Justice for Aries Clark.


Bryd and her son’s family and friends walked down Broad Street in the name of her son whose life was taken because his parents tried to get him help so he would not become a part of a system, that seems to harm our children no matter what we as black folks do.


The family has been unable to receive adequate answers and emotions ran high but that didn’t stop his mother from exposing everyone who thinks they are going to cover up her son’s murder. She didn’t want a funeral for her son she wanted to walk and remember his life that she still doesn’t know, what happened to her baby?  Black Lives Matter Memphis will keep the entire family in our prayers and pray that the truth will give them all closure.  Another black baby murdered at the hands of a police officer. What happened to Byrd’s baby?  The inevitable of what fate awaits all of our black boys in a police state.  Across the bridge- another black, baby, boy gone and it didn’t matter that his step father was white because our lives are only valued by those who want them to matter. #blacklivesmattermemphis #blm #blmmemphis






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