Pamela Moses Holds Press Conference on Dismissal of Charges @ National Civil Rights Museum

P. Moses Memphis' Pretty Pimp

On 4-25-2022, Ms. Pamela Moses issued an official statement of the dismissal of charges and formally endorsed Mrs. Linda A. Harris for District Attorney in the upcoming primary election. Her Youngest son Taj’ gave a heartfelt poem about his mother’s release and feelings for her false imprisonment. Other local leaders and organizations spoke during the conference. Civil Rights freedom fighter and mentor Georgia “Mother” King was in attendance as well as Karen Spencer- Mcgee Mama Peaches and other local leaders. Moses says she will continue to pray for change and the elimination of public corruption in Memphis.

Gallery and Video coverage included for unedited pieces please go to her youtube page @

News coverage of Pamela Moses

Pamela Moses on Roland Martin

Click Here To Go To P. Moses’ Official Website

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