Young Dolph Murdered- WHY?

Self Proclaimed King of Memphis Adolph Young Dolph was assassinated at 2370 Airways Blvd. The 36-year-old rapper was at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies. It is rumored he had an interest in the business and frequented often to show support publicly. His death has shocked the Hip Hop world, and his community in Memphis as well as Makeda’s Cookies in distraught.

Makeda’s Cookie Store after shooting

A black-owned business, Makeda’s Cookies employees have been tight-lipped about what happened on that sunny Friday afternoon when he was gunned down inside their business. This tragedy while causing their business to be shut down they still maintain 2 other separate brick and mortar locations. Losing a beloved entrepreneur like Young Dolph has surrounded their place of business and family with scrutiny and many people suspect that they were involved in his death.

Moments before his death he was spotted at a gas station in his bulletproof sports car. It is believed that the assailants followed him from the gas station. Others have made comments to suggest collusion with the cookie store owners but no one has been arrested. Makeda’s was forced to shut down their Airways historical location because of the death & damages. It is not clear who was in the store at the time of his death but interviews showed Makeda’s family members at the black-owned Cookie shop.

Young Dolph @Gastation right before shooting

The armed, black, masked, gunmen still haven’t been caught and are at large leaving the city with multiple unsolve murders including a connection to a Tipton County homicide. City police have suggested gang-affiliated, but an independent investigation revealed from detectives is that no one is talking about who did it to them and 2 neighboring business confirmed their surveillance footage inside and outside was not working that day he was murdered.

Alleged Assailants
No description available.

One business owner stated she did not know personally know Young Dolph but she saw him at the Makeda’s location all the time. She was afraid to speak about the details of the shooting but stated her cameras were not working either on the day of the shooting. Everyone we spoke with concerning the shooting did hear the shots when it happened but claimed they took cover immediately.

Young Dolph shooting witnesses 'ducked for cover' during attack – as locals  fear killing will spark more violence

No one saw anything afterward the shooting to help identify the killers. Across the street, the auto repair business’ cameras were not working either on that day. The lawlessness of the brazen murder was an assassination of a Memphis legend and the King of Memphis Rap less than a mile from the Memphis International Airport.

Camera in between Laundry Mat and Makeda’s

Much like in the case of Nipsey Hussle ‘The Marathon’ will continue as people in the community are making donations and helping Makeda’s Cookies with the loss of that business, one of three locations. A GoFundMe page, for Makeda’s Cookies, was created and some people have found this to be suspect because most businesses have insurance for liability purposes. Makeda’s store had surveillance inside and outside of the building so if their cameras were working the footage should show Young Dolph entering the store and what happened inside the store. The other adjacent business’s cameras all stop working at the same time.

Young Dolph Shrine-Family Dollar is Next Door -Camera outside corner of Makeda’s

Why was Young Dolph murdered? No one but the people involved knows why he was murdered but after 2 attempts on his life, it’s clear that someone wanted Young Dolph dead but no one has been arrested and there is no indication of a robbery just shooting. No one has released the inside store footage from Makedas. No pictures of his casket or dead body have been released to the public nor has an autopsy report detailing the exact time or cause of death. The District Attorney has not made one comment about the death. There is the Airways police precinct less than 3/4 of a mile from where the shooting occurred. Some speculate Dolph may have faked his own death like Makaveli. Some have said the police are involved and that’s why no one is talking. We as taxpayers spent millions of dollars on a real-time crime lab, sky cops, body cams, and continual surveillance that is apparently not working for us because the city is riddled with bullets night after night but no arrests are made and no homicides are solved. More police is clearly not a real solution because the ones we have can not get the job done even if it happens around the corner from the precinct. His death so close to the airport suggest that our soft spots are major US FEDEX hub locations are not safe and pose a national security threat to the city of Memphis because if someone can be assassinated so close to the airport what would we do if a terroristic attack or something happened? We know there would be no answers!

What we do know is Adolph Robert Thorton Jr. was eulogized by a pastor who did not know him at First Baptist Broad. He was not a member of the church. Young Dolph was allegedly laid to rest in a private ceremony. Attendees included his partner Mia Jaye, children, 2 Chainz, and other undisclosed celebrity friends and family. A public ceremony is scheduled for December 16 at the FedEx Forum. Located in downtown Memphis, the venue holds approximately 19,000 people.

Our organization plans to fund efforts to change the name of Airways Boulevard to Adolph Robert Thorton Jr. Blvd. He gave so much love to the City of Memphis and we should return the love by not forgetting who he was and making history accurate in Memphis. 


#blacklivesmatterMemphis Rest Easy YOUNG DOLPH!

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