Moses Request New Trial For Witness & Jury Tampering

P. Moses on Trial For Voting in Memphis

District Attorney vindictively prosecutes Activist for trying to run for public office. 13 Charges Dismissed in Pamela Moses Jury Trial

By: Black Lives Matter Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – November 8, 2021, Pamela “P.” Moses was vindictively prosecuted and convicted for altering an election document by a jury of 9 white people 3 blacks & 1 Asian. Judge Mark W. Ward presiding, dismissed the last count of #14 of perjury charges prior to jury deliberations. Testimony about fake charges stemming from Judge Phylliss Gardner’s false imprisonment in 2014 was mentioned essentially confusing the jury. State and local officials testified in open court that they failed to research her eligibility and made the mistake because they did not know the law. On day 1 of the trial, 12 charges of voter fraud were dismissed. The jury trial rendered its decision in 30 minutes at the Shelby County Courthouse 201 Poplar Street, Memphis, Tennessee. During the trial, Moses requested a “mistrial” because of the intimidation of local white sheriff of onlookers and family members causing a disruption during the trial and essentially distracting jurors and allowing a lone spectator to enter the restricted witnesses area to discuss the facts of the case with witnesses in the presence of other witnesses and the jury.

Moses stated that she had no knowledge of the trial until Monday the day before due to ineffective assistance of counsel. The court refused to let her hire her own attorney because he wanted to get the case over after sitting 2 years on the docked dormant. Moses says, “This case is about voter suppression, prosecutorial misconduct, and administrative oversight which should require an immediate change of the law, and our government should spend more time-fighting crime rather than suppressing votes.” Voting Rights is a national topic now because of the paradigm shift in power and Moses intends to fight to change the state law if she has to take her case to the United States Supreme court for justice for all convicted felons.

Pamela Moses’ founder of Black Lives Matter Memphis, raises constitutional and equal protection claims protected under the Fourteen Amendment of the United States Constitutions. Currently, the correctness of the law under T.C.A. 40-29-204(3)(B) is being determined in Davidson County Chancery court Honorable Chancellor Lyle. The Federal Court recently declared the TN driver’s license law unconstitutional freeing millions of disenfranchised citizens under old south Jim Crow laws, the same archaic law claim Moses makes challenging constitutionality. The State of Tennessee process has systematically failed formerly incarcerated people with a process riddled with inconsistencies in administration and is currently in a federal legal battle for Voting Right Acts violations. Moses believes this matter will require federal intervention or oversight but trust the Davidson County Chancery Court to look at the illegality of the law and rule accordingly allowing the Shelby County conviction to be set aside in the interest of justice.

Election Commission Employee Enters Restricted Area to Discuss the MOSES Trial

No description available.
No description available.

Carol Collinsworth Caught Witnessed Tampering in Moses Trial

Wierich has been maliciously prosecuting Moses since Attorney Virgina Bozeman file false statements of harassment and stalking she and District Attorney Amy Weirich were close friends Bozeman has since left the State and cant be found for questioning.

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