“If They Run Send Them To the Med” Police Shoot Man for Running

Martavuious Banks Shot by the Memphis Police in the back while running away from the police.

If they “Run” Forrest “Run” Send them to the MED are the morning instructions of the The Memphis Police Department to officers during briefing. MPD deliberately contaminated the crime scene all while Mike Williams of the Police Association observed their crime. Williams refused to answer citizens questions and also refused to say what commanding officer was in charge after several request.  District Attorney General Amy Weirich never made the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation because the law says “Shall” but they never made the scene. Senator Brian Kelsey and GA Hardaway Sr. pass the law why are they breaking it.
September 18 2018 - Memphis police form a line across Gill Avenue near the scene where a driver was shot and critically injured by a Memphis police officer Monday evening in South Memphis. The shooting followed a traffic stop in the 1200 block of Gill, which is near the intersection of South Parkway and Elvis Presley Boulevard. Martavious Banks, 25, was shot by an officer around 6 p.m. and taken in critical condition to Regional One Hospital, the police department said.

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