Justice For Dorian-Make Our Community Safe

In March of this year BLM Memphis launched its Black Dollars Matters matter boycott on neighborhood stores who disrespect patrons. Our plea fell on deaf ears in the black community.  A few weeks after we negotiated a reciprocal agreement with one store in our community, Dorian Harris {17}was shot and killed after exiting the TOP SHOP STOP located at 1127 Springdale Ave.  The cold-blooded murder of a foreigner in a black community has open the dialogue for a bigger discussion of the disproportionate economics in our communities.  We are calling on all persons in North Memphis to RISE  UP!  Do not shop at this store! Do not go inside this store! This is the 1st of many stores we intend to close down all over the country because of the current state of our neighborhoods and their unwillingness to abide by the law in our cities.

The Rise UP North Memphis campaign is a {7} Phase Project which will serve as a working template for other impoverished and forgotten neighborhoods to redevelop and revitalize their communities.

It is necessary to protect our community not only standing up to violence but demanding that we are respected by all merchants who directly benefit from our dollars.  We must eliminate business that breed blight and crime.  We will be compiling information necessary for our communities to remain protected physically and economically. Be sure to fill out all polls or forms that you see with “RISE UP” North Memphis campaign and sign our petition for the permanent closing of the Top Stop Shop for our new community laundry mat.



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