Hell No We Won’t GO! Army Corps of Engineers plans to evict Dakota Access protest camp — We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Originally posted on The Fifth Column: CREDIT: AP/John L. Mone THINK PROGRESS The announcement comes as dozens of protestors were arrested at a Bismarck mall on Black Friday. The Army Corps of Engineers announced plans on Friday to evict the Oceti Sakowin camp in North Dakota, saying anti-pipeline protestors have until December 5 to leave. The camp…

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We Must Rise Up-Michael Slager Testifies In His Defense – Part 3 — We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

No Justice No Peace. We Wont Stand for brutality.  Michael Slager took the witness stand at his murder trial today. Following him were defense witnesses who tried to explain how Slager has selective memory. Before watching Slager’s testimony, and if you have not yet watched it, here is the video captured by a bystander. It shows when Slager fired his gun at Walter Scott […]

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Will We Land or Stand??? Standing Rock

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November 20, 2016, tensions reached an all-time high last night. Tear gas and water was unleashed on over 400 members of the Sioux nation and their allies on a bridge at Standing Rock, North Dakota. In early April 2016, protestors began attempts to block the Dakota Pipe Line, with hopes to protect their water and land. They have been met with opposition and continual pushback from law enforcement. With continual video of civil rights violations and the media black out one can only wonder will history repeat itself?

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The Sioux Indian Nation {SIN} known for its intense battles with white supremacy, defending their land and defeating white supremacy throughout American history. The Sioux Indian Nation fiercely resisted the white domination of the Great Plains. Some of the most famous chiefs who led the Sioux Nation into battle were Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Chief Gall, Crazy Horse, Rain in the Face, and Kicking Bear. Famous conflicts included the Sioux Wars (1854 – 1890), Red Cloud’s War (1865–1868), the 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn and the 1890 Ghost Dance turmoil.Image result for Sitting Bull

It is apparent that the powers that are in control feel that they can defeat those at Standing Rock because of the new age weapons and undeniable power within its local government authority. These powers to be have forgotten how they were defeated, and have implemented new brutal tactics. The last time the oppressors had better weapons, guns and SIN had conventional spears, tomahawks, bows, and arrows. Their unanticipated strategies allowed them to resist the oppressors and enter into peace treaties. This is not the first time Indians peace treaties have been violated by attempting to invade their property and usurp their authority.

As most Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving other Indians will observe the democide and continued suffering of the Native American people. Participants in the National Day of Mourning honor Native ancestors and the struggles of Native people to survive. An annual tradition since 1970, Day of Mourning is a solemn, spiritual and highly political day. Many will fast from sundown the day before through the afternoon of that day (and have a social after Day of Mourning so that participants in DOM can break their fasts). They are mourning their ancestors and the genocide of Indians and the theft of their land.

Recently the SIN of Standing Rock put out an “All-Call” for people all over the world to come to North Dakota and help fight their oppressors. A few Tennessee clergy traveled to North Dakota to pray. Black Lives Matter Memphis also answered the call and stood in solidarity at the Federal Courthouse in a rally. BLMM co-hosted a supply drive at Bridges USA located at 477 N 5th St, Memphis, TN 38105. The ceremony at Bridges included dance, art, and a cultural-filled experience to learn and love Indian culture.

Standing Rock supporters are preparing for a bitter- white winter and many donations and supplies were collected. The main goal is awareness and to encourage people to travel to Standing Rock and help them protect our drinking water as well as to ultimately stop drilling and building of the North Dakota Access Pipeline.


All Americans should be concerned about the North Dakota Access Pipeline particularly South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee. This billion dollar project is about oil, money, and greed. The water we drink will be contaminated if this pipeline is completed.  Donald Trump has been elected as our country’s president with the hopes to make America Great Again. Many Indians may share the same sentiments to make it great again but that would be before white America disturbed America, invaded the land, and slaughtered the millions of the indigenous people. Is that the great America he is talking about or does he mean when it was undisturbed, uninhabited by greed, arrogance, and sheer will to take over land that Americans did not have any rights to claim? The great sins of this great country will not be ignored by the universe nor will the transgressors and their descendant benificaries will soon have to give an account for each violation.

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Will citizens ignore the truth of the true indigenous people of American’s land? Will we demand that Sioux Indian Nation treaty of Standing Rock be enforced? Will we land or stand on Standing Rock? Black Lives Matter Memphis stands in solidarity with Standing Rock. #blm #BLMM #NODAPL #blackandredlivesmatter.

Andrea Morales 11/2016



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