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Last month the Commission on Religion and RACISM {CORR} held its 39th annual awards banquet at the Magnolia Terrace.  This invitation-only dinner was hosted by Dr. Issac Richmond president the CORR organization.  Black Lives Matter Memphis received a “Walking Tall” freedom award for standing up for freedom on the Hernando Desoto Bridge in July.  During this banquet, many leaders were presented with awards for their efforts to bring about change.

One recipient, Mr. Latroy Williams, gave his perspective on the persistent problems that plague the city.  He declared that the corrupt government is designed to ensure blacks fail.  Memphis maintains a disproportionate amount of blacks and women in power according to its demographics.  Many of those who do hold power do not have the best interest of the citizens and their judgment is clouded by self-serving agendas.  These public servants roles are to keep other Black Folks in the city in a stalemated situation.  Dr. Richmond urged attendees to read his book “House Nigger, Politics of Oppression.” His book gives an enlightening outlook on how not to become a house nigger.  He gives a step-by-step analysis on how not to be persuaded to become complacent from listening to preachers and believing every biblical doctrine.  His findings are based on the fact that in the past those who introduced us to their religion are the same persons who enslaved us for hundreds of years by using religion to manipulate the masses and control people by fearing them.


Dr. Issac Richmond’s book encourages younger leaders to think and inform them of the silent political machine which has hindered black liberation for many years in Memphis.  For example, there are over 2000 churches in Memphis.  Most of these churches have neglected the issues that face blacks, but seek involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement because the leaders are under the impression that because they are from the “church” that they should lead this movement or be a driving force.  Richmond’s  hypotheses warn young leaders of the deception that can be used to infiltrate an organization by shifting the focus from the movement to religion only to control how far we can go.  A more in-depth examination into”House Nigger” magnifies the role churches play in the socialization process in Memphis. Ironically, you will find a church on every corner in the black community sometimes two or three in impoverished areas.  One could only wonder why has Memphis not progressed if the churches are truly saving souls and promoting black liberation.

Many people who are successful in Memphis have learned to adapt to racism by accepting white privilege and white supremacy, all while embodying the role of a “house nigger” which gives the upper-class blacks an opportunity to get ahead while holding the masses of poor blacks back. The classes vs. the masses is the ultimate objective which keeps our city divided.  This philosophy is frowned upon by most blacks, but embraced by many Memphians who find this too as the only means to survive in a city filled with greed, hate, and jealousy.  The self-hate among blacks is pandemic, but Dr. Issac Richmond’s book gives our youth an instrument of hope. Blacks will only be liberated when we are all educated, then unified by realistic goals and inspired to achieve them by breaking the chains that continue to hold the majority of Memphis in an inferior position.  #blacklivemattermemphis #CORR #knowyourhistory

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