13995426_10109038515469361_8944586160159264329_oAugust 25, 2016, Crosstown Arts hosted a photo exhibition by Andrea Morales. Morales, born in Lima Peru, and presently a freelance photographer covers many Black Lives Matter Memphis events. Growing up in Peru Morales is no stranger to “White Privilege and White Supremacy” and how it can oppress and corrupt groups of people. Life there was also defined by the color line. Morales may appear to identify with white women on the surface because of her fair complexion, but her experience with racism overseas allows her to gravitate to people with whom she identifies in Memphis, the movement people. The struggle is real and competitive for photographers, but capturing that perfect shot is something that only a true artist can succeed in achieving. More than just media appreciate his or her work, and the impact will be historical.

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Morales’ primary concern is making sure that she not only captures the perfect picture but accurately seizes the very moment that we cannot be regained. A picture is worth a thousand words. Laughter, joy, and appreciation were felt during the exhibit. Her body of work not only captured Black Lives Matter, but illustrated certain raw emotions. Morales unafraid to incorporate race, and depict the life of blacks, the police, the desperation for a voice of the unheard to be heard, is BLMM’s Ernest Withers.

Many artists attempt to send subliminal messages through their art. If one analyzed Morales’ work from her time in Memphis, two words will come to mind, “Color Lines”.
During the exhibition in the uptown studio of Memphis, a perfect picture could be captured by the unification of children, women, men- straight- gay- black, white, and all of the diverse of colors in the exhibit. The photos captured and positive movement in Memphis that cannot be stopped. One might ask, “If only the city could come together like this small groups and pull together for more than pictures, punch, wine and cheese what would be the outcome?” The city may transform into something beautiful just as art’s intentions should be. Art can change the mindset if only everyone can identify the problem and find solutions to make Memphis better. Until then we will read between the color lines and allow life to create art.  #blacklivesmattermemphis #blmm


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