A Modern Day Lynching


Murdered for Riding While Black
Killer Cop Schilling

On March 31, 2016, Officer Connor Schilling was permitted to retire from the Memphis Police Department because of his disability. He was allegedly diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This retirement will allow him to collect $2300.00 from the City of Memphis pension plan. The board unanimously approved this decision.

Attorney Carlos Moore and Darrius’ Father

Darrius Stewart’s father’s Attorney Carlos Moore held a press conference on the courthouse steps of 140 Adams St. Moore compared the decision to pay Schilling to a modern day lynching.  According to the facts of this case and Memphis’ history, his comparison is not unusual. 

History has repeated itself once again in Memphis. If you are familiar you with 140 Adams St. then you must understand the significance of this building and the comparison to a lynching.  The city of Memphis spent over a $100,000.00 to protect the Ku Klux Klan at this same courthouse for a protest.

City Spend Thousands protecting KKK

If you go inside to the center of the building of the court square, there is a tree.  The original tree is no longer there, but the new tree and its roots of racism and hatred are embedded in the Shelby County governmental hierarchy.

lynching tree.jpg
The New Tree

The tree is a gruesome reminder of the value of a black life in Memphis, Tennessee.  This same courthouse was recently named after D’Army Bailey as an assumed badge of honor for blacks but significantly a memento for the new Good ole Boys and Girls of government.  Blacks were lynched with tax dollars while onlookers cheered and watched on these same steps as the life of a black person life was mutilated, right before their eyes on the Shelby County courthouse square.

Many people might not believe that a person was lynched at 140 Adams, but if you walk in the basement corridor, you can definitely feel the spirits of the innocent souls that lost their lives just like Darrius Stewart did on July 17, 2015.

The Lynching Corridor




Schilling Killing Stewart


Schillings attorney has successfully made a defense that this was a justified homicide and he was the victim.  A prudent person might ask, why did Schilling insist that Darrius (a passenger of the car) provide him with identification for a taillight being out? An intelligent person might even ask if the officer was afraid why didn’t he use his police provided mace, or his stun gun in accordance with police policy?  Was he trained properly?  A racist person might say why didn’t Schilling just Rodney King him like the good ole days?  But the real question is how does an 18-year-old’s life, which snuffed out by an improperly trained officer, overzealous officer equate to the City of Memphis rewarding a murderer with guaranteed millions for the rest of his life? Coincidently, the day after Darrius Stewart’s birthday. The only answer is that this is a Modern Day Lynching.

Darrius and his mother at his graduation

Appropriately, Schillings retirement goes into effect on April Fools day but don’t be fooled.  In Memphis, Tennessee, ropes have been traded in for badges, and the officers have been given the unspoken authority to lynch a black life for any reason.  The more things change, the more they remain the same.  The only difference is we are not watching the injustice from the courthouse square of 140 Adams we are the injustice watching from our cell phones and televisions. Connor Schilling should have been arrested a year ago because he violated the Civil Rights of Darrius Stewart for no justifiable reason. There are many people in Memphis who scream Justice for Darrius, but there is no justice without accountability for the inactions of those who have the power to arrest him.

Black Lives Matter concurs that this as a Modern Day Lynching. The good citizens of Shelby County should not be deceived by the Tennessee {Botched} Bureau of Investigation. This entity {TBI} represents a smoke screen and their only purpose is to cover-up what is really going on in this city.  It is important that when the smoke clears the Citizens of Memphis should hold our elected officials accountable by all means necessary. 

Black Lives Matter will fight the New Jim Crow system, and we demand that District Attorney General Amy Weirich resigns from her office.  When the petition is presented to you, please remember all the injustices that have occurred under her watch.  We ask that you do not hesitate and sign your name to have her recalled.

The District Attorney has the authority to pursue charges against Connor Schilling absent a Grand Jury and she has neglected her official duty to prosecute Connor Schilling for 1st-degree murder under the Color of Law. Weirich has not hesitated to extend personal favors to use that same authority for other crimes that do not involve cold-blooded premeditate murder under the Color of Law.  If you believe that this was a modern day lynching, take a stand and STAND UP for a black life that should matter in Memphis. #BLMM #Blacklivesmattermemphis



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  1. Right now it is too much stress with the modern day lynching to discuss. I will come back later and type in details about this lynching. I will say that I have been chattering about this all over the internet and to people I know for a few years now and I have been met with strong opposition from the lynch organizations including attempted murder. I will type that most people have been microchip and RFID tracking devices installed for mind control ncluding law enforcement, politicians etc. These devices are used via the satellites, CCTV etc. One thing that complicate matters is that the officers seemingly is the enemies which is further from the truth. The enemies are the ones that militarized the police which are as follow: The military, corporate Washington who celebrate the murderers with freedom rewards, Hollywood the film industry whom also rewards the entertainers with the many mind control murders we witness everyday, big corporations who also rewards the system for the murders and abet in keeping poverty alive. It is so much more to the saga. I will end here. Thanks


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