Moses Files Class Action Lawsuit Against District Attorney Amy Weirich

P. Moses Memphis' Pretty Pimp

Activist Demands for the Release of Hundreds of Inmates and Declares Abuse of Power in Civil Rights Lawsuit.
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MEMPHIS, Tenn.Dec. 21, 2015  ­    Pamela Moses aka P. Moses, filed an Amended Federal Complaint for Retaliation and other Civil Rights Violations in the United States Western District Court against Shelby County’s District Attorney Amy Weirich. The Class Action case is assigned Federal James D. Todd of U.S. District of Tennessee of Jackson. This filing comes after continually suspected corruption, and heavy criticism of Amy Weirich’s administration in the handling of many prosecutions in Shelby County. The Complaint alleges that Moses was arrested on false charges, last December in retaliation for political comments, allegedly made against a Judge Phyllis Gardner on Facebook. On October 7, 2015, Circuit Court Judge Robert Weiss entered an order allowing Gardner to dismiss her Petition for Order of Protection against Moses.

Before False Arrest P. Moses


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Memphis Still Lacks Transparency


Transgender murdered

Memphis has always been known for its unsolved murders.  Duanna Johnson was brutally attacked on film inside the jail by an officer.  She was found slain after filing a civil rights lawsuit against the MPD.  In most police killings there is no question as to who the suspect is but the question is why are they not prosecuted in Memphis.  Do Black Lives really matter in Memphis TN?  It’s been almost 3 years and still no arrest in Justin Thompson murder.  The suspect Terrance Shaw was also accused of rape but still no arrest by Shelby County District Attorney.

15 Year Old Murdered by Officer Terrance Shaw

The TBI sealed his case investigated by Johnny Simmons Allen.  After several local protest and concern from the family the TBI recently released an investigation of Darius Stewart Slain by MPD officer Connor Schilling.   Only after an action was filed in Chancery Court.  The report is skeptical and doesn’t appear to be valid it was also investigated by Simmons. Not much has changed since the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis.

18 Year Old murdered by Connor Schilling


It is unrealistic for Memphians to expect justice when most citizens are simply afraid to speak up.  Memphis is a city known for its repressive and oppressive tactics to silence anyone who speaks out against the system.  Black Lives Matter Memphis is a grassroots effort and organization that refuses to be silenced. Our guiding principles give us a platform to be heard and promote change in a city that is long overdue.  Stay tune for more updates and join the movement.  Be sure to hashtag #BlackLivesMatterMemphis


NO Justice No Peace. TBI Reports Cannot Be Trusted

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